New website

This blog won't be updated anymore.
Stop:watch has a new website
The new Tumblr-blog can be found here.
Would be nice to see you there!



Run Forrest Run

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Eemskanaal Noordzijde, Groningen (NL)

I know, he doesn't look like Forrest Gump at all.
But the picture does remind me of the film. So I decided to go with it.

This will be the last post on this website by the way.
The new website is nearly finished thanks to Jeroen Smeets and will go live soon!!!



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What I See
Ransdalerstraat 41, Ransdaal (NL)




Hi everybody! 
There's bad news and there's good news.
The bad news is I'm busy, really busy at the moment. So the blog is being shamelessly neglected. 
I'm really sorry about that.
The good news is, I've spent a lot of time in Paris lately and the cause of it all is Stop:watch! You can expect some nice things in the near future. Let's say round the 15th of november. 
I'll try to upload new work next week. XTineke.


I'm So Tired

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Tweede Hunzestraat, Groningen (NL)

    Fugazi - I'm so tired (Sorry for the crappy embedded player. Have to figure out 
how to do that properly. Song is great though. And suits the pic above, I think). XTineke.

PS Here's his brother. Tired as well. Probably a family-thing.



What It Is
What I See
Camping des Grottes, Niaux (France)

For those who don't know who this is. It's 'Wickie de Viking'! 
A cartoon character which was very popular in Holland when I was young (ages ago).